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RIP Cowboys All Timer Rayfield Wright

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Rayfield Wright was a great man and football player.  I wish there were highlights of his career, and I watched them all.  He could mow down defensive linemen and linebackers to make a path for Calvin Harris, Duane Thomas, Walt Garrison, Robert Newhouse, Scott Laidlaw, and Tony Dorsett.  I thought it was sad that Rayfield passed away on Tony's birthday.  Unfortunately while NFL Films does have every game film that was played from at least 1958-Today there aren't any highlights of Rayfield's prowess on the field as I watched.  Rayfield's nickname was "The Big Cat", and Ernie Ladd also had that nickname and both were fierce competitors on both sides of the line.  I'll let Mel and Rayfield talk since that's the best I could find :  


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