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2022 Official SDC NFL Draft Thread

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It’s finally here!!! Draft Day!! Where every team has hopes of hitting on the players who will turn their franchise around or to be the missing piece in their Super Bowl run. Except for you Houston Texans. Here’s some Elmer’s glue. Just go sit in the corner and have a snack. Will Dallas trade up for a Wide Receiver? Will there be any QBs drafted in the 1st round? When will the 1st RB go?

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This is Miami's year! All we lack is a franchise QB, some depth at RB and WR, a strong o-line, and a dominating defense and we are in the mix for a Super Bowl. That's all we're lacking. Just a few missing pieces and we're the team to beat in the AFC! 

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4 minutes ago, Crawford said:

I don't normally watch the draft very closely, but who do you think the Cowboys get in their 1st round? Or who do you think they need to pick? 

I say o-line with Kenyon Green. They like Trevor Penning who’s a small school OT. Treylon Burks Arkansas WR is hard not to keep an eye on. It’s Dallas they can totally zig when you think they’ll zag. Defensive end, LB or CB.

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