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74-Year-Old Golfer Opens Fire on Man Walking Dog on Delray Beach Golf Course, Beats Him with Club


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  • 4 weeks later...

These kinds of incidences will continue to happen in our society with what they are putting in those clot-shot jabs, in our food and water.....in the air!  I am certain this 74-year old golfer was NOT in his normal right mind.  Now he will face attempted murder charges because he somehow thought the man walking his dog at 7 pm on the course was some kind of threat to him and what he loved.......total insanity of mind and emotion.  Recently I have noticed an abnormally high percentage of men with concealed and carry handguns on them.  Better to steer away and watch what you say.....nowadays.  You just never know what kind of state of mind and health someone might be going thru  with all that is around us now.

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