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Does this job have any chance of being good?  I honestly don't know anything about it other than that area is growing very fast.  Saw it was open again after 1 year.  Any help is appreciated.

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Good area and facilities.  Tough district most years.  But I don't know why quality coach couldn't be successful.

Celina Bobcats 12 0   25 3 1
Melissa Cardinals 9 3   22 7 0
Aubrey Chaparrals 8 4   20 11 1
Van Alstyne Panthers 6 6   18 7 0
Sanger Indians 4 8   12 15 0
Anna Coyotes 3 9   10 15 0
Gainesville Leopards 0 12
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Joey Hector was there and they probably hit their ceiling with him. They’re not going to find a better coach than him. Good facilities though.

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Growing Community, Great Kids, Good Families, Good Facilities, Coachable Kids, Very few Select Players, will have 3 will be Juniors to build around that started on a good 2021 team, and 2 will be Seniors that made major contributions in 2021 Season.  Im not sure how the JV was in 2022.

2018 (17-12), 2019 (19-6), 2020 (5-6, Covid), 2021 (22-10).  63-34 during this span with a couple trips to the play-offs.

From 2013-2017, they were a .500 team with a playoff appearance.

February 2021 completely new athletic staff was hired.  

Extremely Competitive Baseball District, not uncommon for teams that advance to make a good run.



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