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Clarksville open

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10 hours ago, bluedevil72 said:

Clarksville was actually in what is now 5A in the late 70’s.  When I moved to SS in ‘76 the district was SS, MP, Daingerfield, Jefferson, Clarksville, Gilmer, Atlanta and LE.  Pittsburg had just won the district the year before and then moved back down.  

Clarksville has dried up.   Nothing going on there anymore.  

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6 hours ago, WinstonsStolenCrabLegs said:

Is that what he said?

I won't reveal who told me that...will protect my sources..but either he turned it down, or the board didnt approve him...regardless a candidate was on hand Thursday at the board meeting and after the board meeting Clarksville remains w/o a coach

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