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Uvalde, Texas school shooting: 21 killed, suspected shooter dead, Gov. Abbott says


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By the time Arredondo called dispatch, at least 11 officers had entered the school and at least two are seen in the video carrying rifles. But Arredondo told the dispatcher that he didn’t have the firepower to confront the lone gunman, according to a transcript reviewed by The Texas Tribune.

“OK, we have him in the room,” he said, speaking on his cellphone. “He’s got an AR-15. He’s shot a lot. He’s in the room. He hasn’t come out yet. We’re surrounded, but I don’t have a radio.”


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Yes and they need to be outside of this building prepared,” he said. “Because we don’t have enough firepower right now. It’s all pistol and he has an AR-15. If you can get the SWAT team set up, by the funeral home, OK, we need — yes, I need some more firepower in here because we all have pistols and this guy’s got a rifle. So I don’t have a radio. I don’t have a radio. If somebody can come in —”

The dispatcher asked Arredondo to stay on the line as long as he could. Arredondo agreed but said he’d drop his phone when the gunman “comes out that door.” Then the dispatcher shared the location of the shooter over a police radio and requested that a SWAT team be amassed by a funeral home across the street.

“So, so I need you to bring a radio for me, and give me my radio for me,” Arredondo said. “I need to get one rifle. Hold on. I’m trying to set him. I’m trying to set him up.”

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It seems to me that this was all setup.  Again, we've heard nothing about this shooter.  Nothing of his past, how he obtained his guns, vest, ammunition, and drove his grandfather's stolen truck crashed it and fires a few shots before making it to the school, and the police don't respond before he gets there ?  This is Uvalde, TX a small town with a population of 15,217.  They should have responded in less than 5 minutes.  This isn't a city of even 100,000 where response times are usually just as quick.  It seems they were in on it, because how could they be this inept ?  The guy in charge was a Beto supporter.  

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40 minutes ago, EnjoyLife said:

I guess I missed the news about someone strangling nearly 2 dozen children and teachers to death. My bad...................

No it’s what you’re looking for that makes the difference.  And what is reported (narrative).  

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