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Dallas’ Mayor Wants Another NFL Team, Jerry Jones Says No Way

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I don't think Dallas would be big enough for two teams, especially with the diehard fanbase the Cowboys have there.  San Antonio would be a better option since it is the 7th largest city in America.  If the Death Star wasn't in Arlington then I would say that Ft. Worth would be a viable option, because it is the 13th largest city.  The only city that is ahead of San Antonio that doesn't have a NFL team or any sports teams for that matter unless you count soccer is do you know the way to San Jose.  I wish Jerry would have chosen the city of Dallas and his original plan was to have it built near the Trinity River, but somehow that fell through over the 3% increase in hotel tax and the city funding half the cost of the stadium.  Little ol' Arlington has no problem with building stadiums as seen by two Rangers stadiums and the Death Star.  Who “Lost” The New Cowboys Stadium for Dallas? - D Magazine

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