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Roe v. Wade overturned 6 to 3.....

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1 minute ago, gamewatcher63 said:

Ladies and gentlemen….the stupidest law professor in the history of the world….

The one who posted it ain't much brighter.......😂😂😂

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4 hours ago, PepeSilvia said:


Lib of TikTok warning. 


4 hours ago, BlahBlah said:

That was a good video.  It wasn't a flamethrowing hate video.  It provided me information that I didn't even think of.  

Except none of it was accurate it was at least civil. All of those case would still be legal. Medical emergencies where terminating the babies life to save the mother will always be the right medical choice. Nothing changes in that respect. The hysteria surrounding this is astounding.

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What a great teachable moment with the two decisions (guns & abortion) coming on consecutive days.  Heard Biden & Pelosi both saying the Abortion decision went against the Constitution, and Pelosi even comparing the two decisions.  So sad no one bothered to teach them about the Constitution & Amendments.

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