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Biden Redefines Recession


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39 minutes ago, EnjoyLife said:

It would have been nice to know exactly how this group defines "recession" if they have the final responsibility of doing so. I think most people would say it certainly feels like a recession no matter what these unknown folks think.

We're creeping closer and closer to an Orwellian world where words can just be redefined on a whim. That's doubleplusungood.

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On 8/1/2022 at 8:38 AM, EnjoyLife said:

Two consecutive quarters of neg growth has always been the definition I have heard for recession. Using that definition we are in a recession with neg growth in the first and second quarters. Crazy as it sounds two consecutive quarters of negative growth does not actually determine if we are in a recession.

When I googled it I came across this..........

"In the U.S., however, the economy is deemed to be officially in recession only after the National Bureau of Economic Research, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, says it is."

I have never even heard of the National Bureau of Economic Research....................

National Bureau of Economic Research--non partisan--:rofl:Truly believable. NOT!!!!!

Investopedia--group of actual investors that actually know money, recessions, bull and bear markets--:rofl: A little more believable though. 

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