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Scrimmages this week


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1 hour ago, frozeng03 said:


Just making sure. Heard the same thing. Said that Tatum will be  good once they get more comfortable with the new offense and The lineman are huge.

The 3 interior linemen average 290ish. Smaller tackles for the system. We got some work to do for sure but I think once it all clicks we'll be fine.

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1 hour ago, BlackShirtD said:

3 plays BUST open means 3 TD’s I’m guessing.   3 TD’s in a qtr is lots of pts.  89falcon you made me laugh tonight.   LOL

3 plays bust open, he means 3 homerun plays. He gone......3 times lol. 

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Taylor/Cameron Yoe

Controlled: 1-1

Live: 7-7


All 1st team scoring.  


Cameron certainly has potential to be better up front defensively, and that is where there has to be major changes from last season.  Lots of question marks on the offensive end.  The Yoemen are used to having a big-time playmaker, and I'm not sure if that person is there this year.  Taylor is well-coached, but they simply do not have much talent in the system.  Taylor has over 1,000 kids in the school and will probably only have 2 teams.  

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Just now, Wild74 said:

Waskom/ Jefferson scrimmage

Waskom JV 1 Jefferson JV 0

Jefferson Varsity 1 Waskom 0

Live Quarter

Waskom 6 Jefferson 0

Did Jeffy have anything other than the RB? He was a one man show last year....no offense Dog fans lol

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7 minutes ago, Sportsguru02 said:

Man I don’t know we waste our time heck we could of scrimmaged y’all instead or heck even Sabine lol 

Would love to see Tatum vs Gilmer on the sked next realignment maybe. Give Keeling a few years to dig in. 

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