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Why Education Needs To Stick To The Fundamentals


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Before speaking about the bill, the president said “I want to say a word about news that came out relative to the economy, actually, I just want to say a number. Zero. Today, we received news that our economy has zero percent inflation in the month of July.”


It must be said that liberals have a funny way of doing math--which seems to stem from all the idocracy in the schools that have to teach kids "funny" math, instead of simple, basic, get the correct answer math. I just can't figure out how 8.5% is Zero--but can a liberal please explain this for me. 

And yes, I know, it did not go up or down in July--so whoopie, inflation stayed at its current 40 year high. You liberals should be proud of that. 

I can't remember that last time I felt like this nation was headed by anti-americans--even during the obama years, I didn't feel they were anti-american, just wanting to change from capitalism to socialistic capitalism. But these people running the puppet strings are out of control and should be tried and convicted of treason--considering they are NOT following the Constitution or defending it. 

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