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2nd Scrimmage


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Guest Tiger03lb
48 minutes ago, Tatum_DirtyBird said:

How’s Crockett going to be this year, will they give y’all a good workout?

Have no idea. Last year they had a decent qb and a couple of athletes. Heard numbers are hurting them right now, heard they maybe a little better than last year but depth is going to hurt them. Probably about the same as Arp. Depends if they get rowdy or not. Lol. 

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13 minutes ago, KrookedWolfe said:

Oh really? I'm not familiar with them. I was trying to jab at ya 😆 Might be a good tune up before they have to meet the Tiger

Shots fired! Lol. We gonna give your ole tigers all we got and see if it’s enough to tame the beast from DF. 

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