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Texarkana Texas High vs. Frisco Lone Star @ Cowboys Stadium


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I'm excited to see what the Tigers have this year!  Apparently the scrimmage against Longview went well.  Although we lost a lot of important pieces last year, it looks like the Tigers are RELOADING instead of rebuilding.  The O-line looks to be big and agile.  The receivers look to be D-1 worthy (see T. Gray), and the defensive line and linebackers seem to be stout.  Does anyone have any inside intel on the Tigers this year?  I'm just reporting what I can from the DFW area.  @THSfanatic & @bordertown please chime in!  The Tigers are ranked #10 in 5A Div. 2, and Lone Star is ranked #5 in 5A Div. 1.  Go Tigers!!!

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