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Center Roughriders vs Longview Springhill


Center vs. Spring Hill   

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35 minutes ago, PantherNation2015 said:

We gonna lock up 4th and run the table.

I'd say yall had a shot at Pitt but they fumbled 10 times losing 8 of them and still only lost to MP by 6. When they get it cleaned up, they gonna be solid. 

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19 minutes ago, SHillBuckeye said:

I think SH will be in this game for awhile. They appear scrappy this year, but Center’s overall speed will be an issue for the Panthers. Center by a few scores.

Charlie Hough recorded 216 wins as a MLB pitcher with an avg pitch speed under 60 mph.  SH is the Charlie Hough of East Texas 4A D2 football.

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10 hours ago, Sportsguru02 said:

Umm evans is not 6’4 he’s prolly not even 6’0

Yes Evans is not 6'0, the big Wr is Gipson both kids can burn & turn. Evans is the go to man that is consistently on catching the ball.  From what i've been told by coaches WR Wilburn jr. didn't play Friday he's the fastest one on the team & tall as Gipson. Don't take nothing away QB Cross 6'4 jr. or RB Dixion 6'0 jr. one step they can take it to the house or in the air. Center has lots of speed this year on the field.  Rider by 21 

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13 minutes ago, PantherNation2015 said:

Most don’t understand how challenging it is to come up with new material to keep these chats going week after week, especially when you are primarily solo.  It’s exhausting!

I’ve been a one man show for years. I don’t talk any nonsense and if I do I’m usually just joking. I’m riding the we’re young talk all this year. 

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14 minutes ago, Eagle8 said:

Yall keep talking all this giving up points mess, why yall only score 2 TDs last week? 

E8 that's all we needed for the W. I'm not talking about you guys. Yall gave up 44. I  was responding to ol EB when he said the Center defense didn’t like to be blocked. 😆 

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