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How bad will Gilmer SMOKE Kilgore?


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On 9/1/2022 at 11:49 AM, PantherNation2015 said:

A few points of interest, they did give a disclaimer that the 4A show was the second show of the night.  🧐. They also said Gilmer’s OL may be the best in the state in 4A.  Not sure I’m ready to go there yet, but big shout out to Coach Griffis anyway.  Great coach and even better man.

I say the Dawgs have the best O line and D line in 4A DII

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Kilgore maybe 0-2 but I will take those two losses for the first two games you always hate to lose but I will definitely say Kilgore definitely got better from the week 1 loss. Still too many mental mistakes will cost you against a team like Gilmer. I will say once Kilgore gets going they will be alright they can definitely play with the good teams. I was really impressed with the defense tonight they look to be a tad ahead of the offense. The offense hasn't found their rythem yet the qb and receiver's just look out of sync some drives. With the QB and receiver talent I look for that to get better every week.

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First home game of the year. First home start for a young Soph QB. First start for a young and speedy RB, and big shout out to Will “Tomahawk” Henderson, stepping up to tote the load while Ashton took a breather for the night. Tough yards showing he is a football player who runs track, not vice versa. And a shout out to Caden, showing when dared to throw, he can and will! And a HUGE shout out to Ro, who showed once again the kind of difference maker he is in any situation. 

All in all, a good, tough win against a good, tough team. Mistakes? Sure. But they for fixed and they were fundamentally teachable moments. O-Line was challenged, and they stood their ground and won the war. Real kudos to the depth of a team that stayed the course and pulled away in the 4th Qtr as good teams should. 

Young squad that is 2-0 and improving. Healthy after 2 straight weeks of punching above their weight class. Building experience, toughness, and confidence… Coach Metzel’s plan in pre-district in preparation for November is a good one!

Liking what I am seeing in Tater Town!

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Okay, now for a few quick observations.

1.  Tough victory between two evenly matched teams.  I think the difference was conditioning and depth.  Gilmer was finally able to establish a running game in the 2nd half, and the defense played better as the night went on.  

2.  Impressed with Caden Tennison tonight.  He missed a RB on a wheel route that probably would have gone to the house, and he had an int when he left the ball a little too far inside, but he played solid all night.  He throws a really pretty deep ball.  And he was really accurate tonight on the deep out as well.  Gilmer couldn’t get anything going in the running game tonight in the first half, and Tennison made the plays he needed to make to stretch the defense and turn the momentum around.

3.  Gilmer missed Haynes tonight.  Henderson did a great job filling in and he ran tough between the tackles.  But Gilmer loves the 1-2 punch of 2 solid running backs, and that was missing.  They missed him on defense as well.  Hopefully he doesn’t have any serious injury.  

4.  The Kilgore running game gave Gilmer absolute fits in the 1st half, but credit Gilmer for making adjustments or just plain bowing up in the 2nd half.  The 4th quarter safety sealed the deal, in my opinion.  Kilgore got the ball 1st and 10 at the two and Gilmer pushed them backwards for 3 straight plays (I actually thought they got the safety on 2nd down).  

5.  Gilmer still needs to clean some things up.  The secondary made some big mistakes.  And the O line really struggled in the 1st half.  But hopefully, they will get better.  I think this group is teachable, and I have confidence in the coaching staff.


Overall a good game.  Sloppy at times, but it was good to see Gilmer go toe to toe with a really good team when they got behind early.

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Kilgore is good. Very solid team. I liked how they came out and really got after us. Very motivated team.

Buckeyes were better. Played very flat this game at the start, but picked it up as the game went on.

Both teams played very sloppy and have some more work to do.

The refs.........well, they weren't the worst, but they sucked. At least they were across the board bad, some terrible calls/no calls on both teams.

Gilmer play calling is questionable. 

Overall, both teams will get better from this and move on. If Kilgore keeps getting better each week, they will be a tough team to play, just like Gilmer.

Buckeyes have some work to do, but if they can put it together by district and the end of the season, they will be a hard team to beat.

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