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3A Div. II #4 Daingerfield Tigers vs 2A Div. I #1 Timpson Bears


Who will win  

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  1. 1. Who will get the win

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14 hours ago, tigernationfan said:

Your jokes are funnier than Katt Williams I will give you that. But a Timpson win in Morris County is about as promising as You becoming the Waterboy for the Chicago Bears. Now get back over there in your corner and grab your bottle, it's time for your similac

He might need this for the ride home. 


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1 hour ago, JMS1971 said:

I think there will be some crow getting served tonight. Don’t know who will be eating it, but it’ll be interesting to see who comes back to get theirs. With that said, I’ll take the bears in a close one. 

I will be here either way, and it's highly unlikely that we will be the crow eaters. However if it is... I will take it with a side of candied jalapeños and some minced bear liver

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