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Week 3 Carlisle vs Arp

Carlisle vs. Arp  

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1 hour ago, jacketgrad06 said:

Sheeze this game still has quite a bit of time left. 

Yeah that offense was just starting to cook,usually go into Nascar when a defense starts getting tired..so far nobody has been able to contain all the weapons Carlisle has in the toolbox..dude told me the other night after the game that Carlisle was stupid fast,didn't know whether to get mad or laugh...lol 

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Brody had 262 yards rushing, four TDs, one 60 yard reception for TD, 

season stats for Brody, 39 carries for 673 yards, 10 TDs, four receptions for 195 yards, two TDs, one kickoff return for 90 yards on TD

DeLeon three receptions for 44 yards, two TDs, two carries for 13 yards, one TD

Fernando Espinosa six for 16, 162 yards, three TDs

546 yards total offense, 384 rushing, 162 passing. 

Arp QB 26 of 49, 384 yards, four TDs, four int

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9 hours ago, StillALion said:

There are 2 different polls in DCTF each week.  Carlisle is #10 in the official AP poll which is done by (sometimes biased) sportswriters voting.  And in the computer rankings which is done by entering the same certain stats etc for every team and unbiased Carlisle is #6.  (Another random example:  In 4AD2 this week, Cuero is #1 in the computer rankings but #6 in the AP poll.)

MaxPreps only has a computer poll (human voting not a factor and no separate human poll.) But for some reason, the first year after a school moves up or down they do not show up in the MaxPreps poll for their new division.  So other examples this year are Jacksonville, Sulphur Springs, China Spring and 2 years ago Lindale did not show up. 

CalPreps only does a computer poll and Carlisle is #4 in that poll this week. 

Lone Star Gridiron doesn’t do their first poll until the 1st week of October and Pigskin Preps also has a poll but only subscribers can see it I think.  Both of those sites only do 1 poll which for both sites is just done by people voting like the AP poll. 

The most accurate polls are probably the 3 computer polls in Texas Football, MaxPreps, and CalPreps. 

Interesting my man,interesting..

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