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Harmony vs Beckville


Harmony vs Beckville  

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Stoney wants to say something. Oh Stoney wants to say something. I hope my time here on Smoaky has shown that I can be a realistic fan when it comes to my alma mater. I have friends who have coached there, maybe some still do and maybe some don’t. I’ve got family there. I’ve got teachers who taught Stoney still there. You hear rumblings. You hear rumors. You may attend a community meeting. If you are into conspiracy theories you could add 1+1 and come out with 3. Some folks like newer, bigger, better, change change change. Some folks hate seeing change and long for how things used to be, especially through rose colored glasses of past experience. If you want to DM I’ll gladly share my thoughts and opinions. I’m going to try my best to be as diplomatic as possible in the forum. 

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Harmony is going to be fine. First year coach, new system on both sides of the ball, and a young team (8 seniors). There was a lot of change at Harmony since March they even have a new band director but  school spirit is high, community involvement is high, and the team is playing hard. Heck Harmony even has a student section at home football games now. 

Ive seen all 3 games and in my opinion the low number of big guys on both sides of the line of scrimmage is the biggest difference for Harmony so far. What I really like to see is last night in a blowout loss the boys never stopped playing. It can be easy after losing 2 close games to start the season and then getting blown out at home to just pack it up and fold but they kept fighting. 

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