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WEEK 4: Carthage (3-0) Vs. Marshall (2-1)


Week 4: Carthage (3-0) Vs. Marshall (2-1)  

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  1. 1. Who you got?

    • Carthage in a close one
    • Marshall in a close one
    • Carthage in a blowout
    • Marshall in a blowout

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End of game stats

Dawgs 19 first downs

passing 16 of 27 for 177 yards

rushing 146 yards

punts 1

turn overs 0

total yards 323


7 first downs

passing 23 yards

rushing 147

punts 3

turnovers 2

total yards 130

Dominating game by both Dawg offense and defense and special teams. 
kicking game 6 for 6

Way to Go Dawgs

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3 minutes ago, elevenDEEP said:

Like I said earlier DQ going bankrupt if they depend on business from 1st down advertising 

We'll make up for it next week I suppose.

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2 minutes ago, Mavchamp said:

We'll make up for it next week I suppose.

Just having some fun bud, but was looking forward to a little better game. Dawgs deflated y’all quick and I think that made a huge difference in the game overall! Good luck hope to see you guys make a run!

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2 minutes ago, RogerDorn said:

all dawgs .... thought it would be a lot closer. 

Very few will block Carthage's two 285 lb  soph defensive tackles the next 3 years, IF they continue to work hard...........misdirection plays gets them every so often, but that will get better...............With Marshall being a mainly run team, their smallish "guard, center, guard" combo had a tough time against those two monsters

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The biggest surprise to me about CHS thus far this season is the defense - specifically, the defensive line. All of last year’s starters on that unit were seniors and had to be replaced. Three of tonight’s four starters on that unit are only sophomores. They are doing a great job…and they should only get better.

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Carthage put a great product out on the field tonight. 

This defense made up of new starters flies to the ball.

Cuff is doing a tremendous job at QB and our receivers, man. 
Our RB’s are doing very well too. 

I thought the OL did a really good job pass protecting outside of three or four plays when Cuff had to scramble, which he did without issue. 

Let’s go Dawgs!

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The Carthage Dawgs are getting better every week. 
They are going to be scary good by the time the playoffs get here. 
Coach Surratt and Preston and staff will have the Dawgs prepared for each game. Who knows how good this Dawg team can be. If the boys keep working hard, wanting to get better every play, we Dawg fans are in for a very special season. 
To night every fade of the game was good. 
O line was excellent in both pass blocking and run blocking. 
Running backs ran hard and broke tackles, wide receivers were really good after catching the ball. 
Cuff was a little off tonight but he ran the offense like a field general. 
The Dawg D, what can you say. 
They were bringing house tonight. 
Marshall could not run or pass on the Dawgs. The Defense was smothering, the D line it just plain nasty. They are big, strong, and quick off the ball. 
The linebackers are making bone jarring tackles along with the safeties. Corner backs are exceptional at covering wide outs and will hit you after the catch. 
It looks like they all meet at the ball and bring the heat when they get there. 
Work hard Dawgs, get better, and you will get a chance to get number 9. 
Let’s Go Dawgs🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 and hopefully 🏆

God Bless Coaches, Players, and Fans. 

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