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Liberty-Eylau (3-0) vs Atlanta (3-0)


LE vs Atlanta  

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On 9/14/2022 at 7:58 PM, BlackShirtD said:

ATL would be 1-2 playing the sched LE has played.   MP and Henderson would hand it to the Rabbits.   I agree the teams that LE has played have not won many football games because they have played some quality teams only to come up short in those.   EF, NB and Redwater are not on any of the 3 sched of the teams LE has played.   

I have to agree with an earlier poster.  Stating that Henderson would hand it to anyone at this point is a stretch.  I haven't seen them anywhere but highlights, but they don't have much going right.

That said, LE gets the win.

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36 minutes ago, H3llR4z0r said:

Man if what I'm hearing is true, and they've had to have special meetings due to opposing players sending threatening pictures and so forth, it's a sad day... a really sad day. Why can't football just be football?

Kids gonna be kids. 

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12 hours ago, BlackShirtD said:

Are both offenses that bad or are the defenses that good?

Man from what I heard, Atlanta's defense was playing some ball. They told me Atlanta outplayed them, just came up short at the end with the missed field goal. L-E's offense only scored 8 points, so that says a lot. 

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