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Week 5: Gunter at Gladewater


Week 5: Gunter at Gladewater  

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2 minutes ago, PappaBear said:

He stays in the Bear threads, SMH. Like a mosquito 

Mosquitoes get slapped. Guess that means y’all are like mosquitoes to y’all’s opponents with the exception of SH. And hell y’all get a few of those guys and ya start playing like em. 

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3 hours ago, H3llR4z0r said:

Man I didn't even realize this game was going on. This is not good. 

I've been to Gladewater when they had a good team with high expectations, and they had 37 people show up to watch. I bet the home side will be empty tonight. I'm not sure why it's like that, but it always seems to be that way. 

How many showed up for that 0-10 last year ? 👀👀👀

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