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Whitehouse (4-0) @ Nac (0-4) 730pm Friday-Nacs Homecoming


WH @ Nac  

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Whitehouse travels to Nac to celebrate Nac's homecoming on Friday.

This will be the 21st meeting between Nac and WH, Whitehouse leads the series 13-7. 

The visiting team has won the last 4 matchups and Whitehouse has won 4 of the last 5. Nac won Last Year 28-19.


Whitehouse comes in 4-0 after defeating 

North Forney (3-1) 47-30

Jacksonville (1-3) 54-21

Corsicana (1-3) 48-17

Henderson (0-4)  53-28

Combine Record of Opponents 5-11  

Whitehouse is scoring points and even tough their schedule so far is isn't impressive they have done what they are supposed to do against those teams. 


Nac comes in at 0-4 with Losses to 

Palestine (2-1) 38-31

Lufkin (3-1) 37-0

Lumberton (3-1) 52-6

Chapel Hill (2-2) 42-17

Combine Record of Opponents 10-5

Nac offense moves the ball but cant convert to points in the red zone and turnovers being returned for TDs is killing the Dragons!! Nac's offense has 7 turnovers that have returned for Tds on the season so far. This does not include punts being snapped over the head of the punter and blocked XP/FGs. Nac's defense is forcing turnovers but the offense can't convert them to points. 

We will see where each team is actually at starting on Friday as the district race kicks off. 



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Nac played a great game and had the perfect game plan. We struggled in all aspects of the game. Kudos to the head coach for Nac for coming and finding our QB after the game to give him some words of encouragement. Congratulations to Nac you were the better team tonight and good luck the rest of the season. 

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1 hour ago, Mavchamp said:

Was 0-4 Nac playing possum to start the season or was 4-0 Whitehouse the product of a weak schedule as many suggested? 

This is a huge upset.   I expected WH to roll.  Dragons proved me wrong! 

Maybe both!!!


Nac, did things yesterday they haven't done all year. We started our senior QB and ran the Shotgun wishbone Veer. We didn't turn the ball over, other than an INT to end the half. Nac played great defense and kept Whitehouse off the field. 

Whitehouse on the other hand was 4-0 playing a less than stellar non-district schedule. Now, they did what they were supposed too and won big. WH seemed to have a very simple offense but they execute everything out of the hurry up offense so you have to keep their offense off the field. Their QB struggled to connect on anything other than the swing pass out in the flat. Everything down the field was broken up or intercepted. 

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