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Week 5 Carlisle vs Lone Oak


Carlisle @ Lone Oak  

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  1. 1. Who wins???

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Through 5 games we've average 51.8 points a game 

Given up an avg of 27.2 points a game 

1 2aD1. - 0 points 

4-3aD2 - 136 points in four combined games....avg 34 points a game allowed.

Scored 225 points in 4 Combined games with an avg of 56.2 points a game 

Not too bad..

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16 minutes ago, StillALion said:

CalPreps has already adjusted taking this weeks games into account.  They have Mart and Carlisle ranked #1 and 2 in 2AD2 and the predicted score for the Tenaha game is 56-14.


Mart play up last night (Troy) I believe.bet that game was rowdy.

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