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Week 7 - Atlanta @ Sabine


Atlanta at Sabine  

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  1. 1. Who goes 1-0 in district play?

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7 minutes ago, Tatum_DirtyBird said:

Man it’s gone be some stuff talked if WO beats Jeffy.  😂

Shoot even if we get blown out. Talking still gonna happen. What ya need to look out for is errbody that would come on here from Jeffy if they win. They all show up outa nowhere after a win. 

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5 hours ago, Rowebot said:

production over hype baby... plling for tatum honestly.............

boy i know why you mad. maybe you should check yoself at the door. stop gettin on here postin all this negativity towards a coaching staff that so far been doing a good job. how the kids ever gonna buy in when their parents on here bad-mouthing coaches. do better man. 

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2 hours ago, H3llR4z0r said:

Thoughts on Brook Hill? Honestly. 

Well they scored 55 which 14 came from a pick 6 and another from a scoop and score. Without going into too much detail about our game which I don’t think was a good gauge really. Our QB got hurt in the second quarter, but it wasn’t until our backup went in that we started opening up the run game and doing better. TBH we’re still figuring some things out. We struggle with passing and catching the ball and we still for some reason don’t start our best RB or utilize him or other personnel the way we need to. The backup QB broke a school record 6 rushing tds in a game last week. We need to obviously get the ball to him and #23 as much as possible. Even hopefully do some trick plays with them 2. Possibly run an option with the starting qb when he gets back. But typically we don’t get creative and always run the same predictable stuff. I think brook hill was ok though. I believe they’re a smaller tapps school than TK Gorman and Grace Community. They had a good receiver number 1 I think but other than him I’d say they were ok. If your trying to look at Brook Hill to see if your team is good, I don’t think that’d be good. If your trying to look at us then that’s not good either cuz we are still having a lot of issues. 

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2 hours ago, Dadgoat said:

I’m so ready for next Friday!!  I also love all the doubters!!  Keep thinking sos. 🤣🤣🤣. @Rowebot Brookhill would make the playoffs in our district.   They already beat the worst team 55-28. Lol 

U awful chippy to be coming from an 0-10 team. What has made u increase your post count by 1000% this year?

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4 minutes ago, Dadgoat said:

Not gonna disagree. You have to admit though, this year Sabine team isn’t what it has been either the last two years.  The qb that went to Lamar was a DUDE!!

Sabine's QB now will be just as good imo. He's just young. 

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