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Week 7 - Atlanta @ Sabine


Atlanta at Sabine  

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  1. 1. Who goes 1-0 in district play?

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8 minutes ago, H3llR4z0r said:

Don't worry. According to our residential professional film analyst @Rowebot, y'all should be fine. 

We’ll see. We have played a tough schedule and looked good at times. I know Atlanta is improved and will be fast, so it will be a challenge for us. If we could ever find consistency on offense we would be fine. 

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5 hours ago, Rowebot said:

sorry i am objective and dont root for your favorite team my bad.... all hail all mighty atlanta!!! 

Nah you just never have anything positive to say. It's not about pulling for my team. I make predictions all the time but I don't talk negatively about the schools when I do it. 

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