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Week Seven: Gladewater at Tatum



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19 minutes ago, Ijustwatch said:

I told y’all early on. Keeling and crew were special. What they did in Waskom was a miracle. Let’s see waskom in 2 yrs??? Maybe this year. Tatum was never talked about in the last 10 years until now. Let him be there 3-5 yrs and see where they are. Ef might beat Waskom 

Dude calm down your going to have a stroke

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46 minutes ago, Ijustwatch said:

I just like keeling program. I’m just a football guy. I don’t even know him really. I talked to him one time at a volleyball game. He is just different. You can tell. But now that he is gone. Ef got on the rise lol 

If you wanna talk about the Waskom/EF game come over to that thread. If you wanna keep slobbering over Whit stay here. 

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