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Hughes Springs @ Daingerfield


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6 minutes ago, MuleSlicks said:

Since you obviously have no frigging clue as to what your talking about. And since you don't have a set of jewels to show from what 💩 hole you reside, your post are of no consequence.   So back your team if anyone clames you, or disappear into the outhouse...   HeeHaw!

you must be the assistant

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Does HS come out and 3 yds and a cloud of dust and keep it close for a half like they've done to a lot of teams or does Daingerfield get the tempo up and blow them out, which has also happened a lot?

I'd normally say that HS ball controls and keeps it close for a while and it slips away late, but it's according to if the Tigers remember all the trash that was talked about them a couple years ago from the Mustang faithful. I just remember reading some personal things that I thought crossed the line.

We play D'field tough and don't back down. We even beat them when we weren't supposed to, but HS isn't as tough as The Bears are. My vote is this one gets ugly. Blue Tigers come out pissed!


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