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Tax & Spend--As Usual--The Democratic Way


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Well, just weeks before the midterms and the dems are at it again--finding a way to tax the law abiding people of the country with raising taxes on guns & ammo. I can't believe they think this is a "winning" idea. But who knows, there are enough leftist out there that think the government should wipe your rear end, that in some areas they would agree to it. 


"Not one penny of current federal excise taxes on guns and ammunition goes to gun violence prevention," said Davis. 

My favorite line of the article. -Why is that congressman Davis? Why doesn't Congress spend federal tax money of these things? Aren't you guys in charge of the budget in the House? Shouldn't that be something you place in a budget? I can't believe he is this stupid or doesn't understand the Constitution and where budgets originate. 


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