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Texas A&M vs Alabama

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Moral victories are like kissing your sister but outside of QB and o-line play, you have to like how our defense has played and what you seen from Evan Stewart and Chris Marshall. The kissing sister bit is funny because you know, Alabama.

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Wow what crazy finish. I think that last pass should’ve gone to Muhammad if you’re going to throw back shoulder at the pylon, he’s a much bigger body. 

Very surprised they called that PI on Bama. 

Haynes King didn’t pull the upset or play great but that dude took a beating and kept getting up and giving his guys a chance. Hats off to him. 

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6 minutes ago, JohnnyFootball said:

Hell of a game. Hate the play call at the end. 


3 minutes ago, WETSU said:

The route looked open early the throw was just a tad late. 

I was thinking draw with Achane, not a out route.

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