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West Sabine @ Timpson 7pm Friday


Bears vs Tigers   

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  1. 1. Can the Bears remain undefeated in district?

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7 minutes ago, Slickarick said:

Who ever voted for west sabine... if west sabine wins go by two lotto tickets.  You'll win.  Cuz unless you put ipecac in timpsons water or everclear its gonna be the bears.

It ain't anonymous.....lol....go click on the vote and see.......

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59 minutes ago, JMS1971 said:

This will be another opportunity for Timpson to clean up the penalties and for our young lines to get more experience.

In my opinion (I'm right) the offensive and defensive line are the ONLY 2 things that could stop Timpson from winning a state championship. Experience is definitely needed. 

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