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3ad1 #2 goes down in back to back weeks


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Guest Tiger03lb
1 hour ago, upullinmychain said:

His elbow is not on our across the goal line and he is on ground with defender touching him...he's short and game over...refs got it right....my opinion tho 🤷‍♂️

I'll agree to that. It was short. 

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Whitesboro taking it to the end, and just falling short(by inches) IN Brock in front of their fans......that means something. It means Brock did not dominate at home and therefore are NOT dominating in this classification this season.  Kudos to Whitesboro.....I had them winning this one IN Brock.  At some time, people have to take their blinders off and see things as they are.  Whitesboro is very good, and so is Brock.  But Brock is no longer heads above the contenders.  I don't own a set of blinders.....they cost too much, LOL.

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On 10/14/2022 at 10:33 PM, lionpride08 said:

Hitchcock 33 Columbus 28 final

Also Whitesboro scores a clear td as time expires but is called short... Brock escapes 39-35 as refs sprint off the field

Didn’t look like a clear TD in photos I seen 

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54 minutes ago, lionpride08 said:

What ever you say. I have heard half say td the other no td. It's a big call either way. I watched it live and looked like a td to me

What ever I say? Lol. It wasn’t a touchdown. Nothing else to say. 

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