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Cambridge University Under Fire for Teaching ‘Woke’, Gender-Neutral German


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45 minutes ago, Olduy said:


For a bunch of "smart", "educated" people, some of these people sure seem dumb, and really come up with some dumb ideas.

I'm more interested in how it would work with a language like Spanish.

You have "el" and "la" (the masculine and feminine for "the"), "un" and "una" (same for the word "a"), and you have masculine and feminine words (hermano/hermana as an example). Just as a start. Not to mention that, if I'm not mistaken, when you use a word to address a group of people (especially a group of men and women), you generally use the masculine form (i.e. "Hola, mi amigos.", or something similar).

Further, did you know that, by a LARGE margin, Latinos don't actually like the term "Latinx"? A good percent of them actually find it offensive.

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