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Week 11: Gladewater at White Oak


Week 11: Gladewater at White Oak  

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11 hours ago, Eagleborn said:

Lmao and y’all wanna keep him 

The man is 20-13 at Gladewater as Head Coach in the Regular Season..... 2-2 in the playoffs.... so 22-15 total. Keep in mind we don't schedule cupcakes in pre-district games either.... Could this season of gone better? Absolutely, but is that all Louvier's fault? Hardly. As I have said repeatedly, sometimes you just don't have the jimmy's and joe's. But we do appreciate Tatum's desire to create controversy. 

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On 11/3/2022 at 2:30 PM, Tatum_DirtyBird said:

Bringing in Grandgeorge and not running the Wing is confusing. Why bring him in? Lack of Jimmies and Joes would be great time to rebuild. Seems when things aren’t looking great right off the bat, JL panics. At least that’s how it looks. 

For the record, JL never panics!  

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On 10/29/2022 at 4:56 PM, Sportsjunkiee said:

Gladewater wins - 4th place

White Oak wins- 3 tied with 1 win (Glade, WO, Sabine).  If the point cap is +17 then:


Sabine is locked in at +8 (+17 over WO, -9 to GW)

Best WO could do is 0 (possible +17 over GW, -17 to Sabine)

Best GW could do in a loss is +8 (possible -1 to W), +9 over Sabine)


So, if my calculations are correct and the cap is indeed +17, it looks like WO is out....I know, I know...GW controlling their own fate and Sabine needing a Roughneck victory by at least 2.  Just for the sake of argument, I wonder what the next tie-breaker is if Sabine and GW both ended up +8....GW advance since they beat Sabine?

And there's a really good chance none of this is right.



Gladewater wins - 3rd place

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