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BI DISTRICT: Tatum vs Mount Vernon


Tatum vs MV  

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On 11/4/2022 at 12:20 AM, warhawk1432 said:

My pleasant???? Good grief can we get it any closer to MT Vernon??? That is a full hour and a half drive!!! Good grief!!! Someone get these coaches a map!!

MV had Spring Hill reserved for Thursday night but Tadumb didn’t want to play Thursday night. So instead they’re driving an hour and a half 🤣

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44 minutes ago, MVFan75457 said:

Man that means I gotta get my subscription renewed cause I'm going to be working at the Border until Saturday... 

I'm in Ringgold, LA until next Thursday. My subscription stays up year round though. 

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5 hours ago, Eagle8 said:

Where's ole @Blazin97 at? Aint seen him since the Winny game. 

I’m here. Work has been crazy but I’ve tried to hop on and read when I can. I’ll definitely be on more this week leading up to it. 
Playoffs is a clean slate and everyone’s got a shot! Go Tigers 

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Guest Tiger03lb
12 minutes ago, TigerBlue09 said:

Alrighty I’ll cheer them eagles on but I ain’t wearing no green lol

Anything is possible. GW even had green on this season. 😆

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