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BI DISTRICT: Corrigan-Camden vs Garrison!


Corrigan vs. Garrison   

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3 minutes ago, Slickarick said:

 if I remember correctly in 2017  was 3 rounds.. and in 2020 was 3 round

I remember 17 we got the bad luck of the 3 way tie.. Garrison was 2 seed that year, and we beat them but our loss to Hemphill threw it into a 3 way tie and we had fewest points so we got stuck with the 4 seed and WR in the first round 🤣

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Anything can happen that's for sure! CC can win this game if they go out there and play. Garrison can also win this game if they go out and play. It all depends on who shows up and what they bring with em as to who wins, I don't know if there is two more evenly ranked teams in the region honestly! It's gameday!! GATA

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