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5A D1 R2 Bi-District: Longview vs Crosby


Longview Lobos (10-0) vs Crosby Cougars (6-4)  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Longview in a blow out
    • Longview in a close one
    • Crosby in a close one
    • Crosby in a blow out

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34 minutes ago, kingwolf said:

Exactly the kind of game we needed...crazy coach throwing the kitchen sink at us, crazy calls from the zebras and sloppy play....hope they learned from it and got all of that out of their system.

I’ve never heard King so mad about the refs on a post game show in my life.

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18 minutes ago, HearEmaGrowlin said:

Crosby quickly retracted the “Owning East Texas” statement, correct?

Oh I’m sure they’ll find a “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve” in there somewhere. “Wait til next year” is my all-time classic favorite. Or the whole “you’re lucky that… Blah blah blah”… Longview smashed them like I said they would. And didn’t even play a completely clean game. 

Way to go Bos! I wanted one more TD but I’ll take it lol… Good luck moving forward fellas. And lady. 

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7 minutes ago, WolverBean said:

record was 4 now 5 by mr tatum he close to tds in a season after tonight too i belive he at 26 or  25 now should get by next week

Record was and still is 6. 

Hes two away from scores in a season.

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13 hours ago, LoboFan07 said:

6. But Tatum did tie a playoff record. Vondrell’s 5 vs North Garland.

As someone who played in that game, I can’t believe I don’t remember him scoring 5. I do remember scoring 28 in the 2nd quarter, which was a lot back then. 

That was a similarly weird game. Tons of weird stuff- they returned a kickoff for a TD with a trick play. And we messed up a few punts or something. But our offense was crazy strong. 403 yards on the ground. 

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