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5A DIVISION II BI-DISTRICT: Crandall (8-2) Vs. Marshall (6-4)


Crandall Vs. Marshall  

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  1. 1. Who you got?

    • Crandall in a close one
    • Marshall in a close one
    • Crandall in a blowout
    • Marshall in a blowout

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22 minutes ago, Gramps said:

On Smoaky your showing the game for Thursday November 10 at 7 pm but if you look on Red Zone they are showing the game for Friday November 11 at 7 pm. Can anyone verify which it really is?

Friday at 7

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1 minute ago, RogerDorn said:

Mavs playing the best they have all year imo good luck this week ! 

It really has been a slow trajectory upward. 

Hasn’t always been pretty.

No matter what happens this Friday…. Mav fans have got to be thrilled with where we’re headed. 

That being said…. I wanna WIN.  And we’ve got as much of a chance as anyone. 

Go Mavs! 

And best of luck to the Tigers Friday night! 

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On 11/7/2022 at 7:19 PM, RogerDorn said:

whitehouse played as if Marshall couldn’t throw the ball at all....I would think Crandall gives them more respect but if the run game keeps it going it could be a lot of long drives like the last few weeks 


WH stacked the box.  If you had told me the WIldcats had held JQ Davis to less than 130 yards rushing..... I would have believed we had not only lost....but gotten blown out.

But they absolutely did very little to defend the pass....and it was what kept us moving all night long.  Collier Slone was lethal on 3rd down situations all night long.  

I know we aren't the pass-happy Mavs of old.  I get that.  But to completely ignore a 1000 yard QB seems like a dangerous gamble.

As the game wore on...... and WH's defense started tiring out (Marshall time of possession was over 32 mins)..... the Mav running game started to take over.  JQ didn't get all the attention.  It was shared between Robinson and Gatson..... and that was all she wrote.

I don't know how Crandall's defense compares to WH..... but I have a feeling the game plan will be similar.  

Long....time consuming drives.  Score touchdowns and play some defense.  

Marshall has given up yards between the 20's all season....but seems to stiffen in the red-zone.  That's were WH really struggled last week.  That's a tough offense to stop, but we got the stops we needed.

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2 hours ago, RogerDorn said:

Crandall qb didn’t look all that bad.. on offense I wonder if they will try to throw it around 

He's a beast.  He has 1800 yards passing.  567 rushing.  So he's a dual threat.

One RB had 1300 yards rushing.....another with 992.

With rain, wind, and temps in the 30's....... passing might be tough to come by Friday night.

So similar to Marshall.  We too have an efficient QB.....

We have one RB with 1700, another with 800 and a third with 500 (who has just really come on in the last few weeks).

Looks pretty evenly matched...... might come down to who has the better defense.


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