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BI-DISTRICT: Carthage versus Pittsburgh


Carthage vs. Pittsburg   

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37 minutes ago, LetsGoEagles said:

This team can definitely compete in division 1 and would beat at least half of the 5A-D2 teams in the state. No doubt. 

I mean.....they pretty much ruled D1 while they were up there.....of course they could compete. 

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On 11/7/2022 at 9:51 AM, cotton84 said:

Bullard beat Quinlan Ford…….Van Alstyne lost to Anna 68 -25 but Anna is pretty darn good and lost a district game to Aubrey 35 -14…………neither Ford or V A are terrible but probably about like Bullard/Rusk 

Quinlan Ford beat Bullard and only lost to Caddo Mills 7-6. Ford is young and improving with some Sr. Leadership also but still no challenge for Carthage.

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Great job by both sides of the ball. 
very good execution by the offense and the defense looked very fast. 
Both sides of the ball dominated Pitt as was expected. 
We got a small look at the future Dawgs and I would bet everyone was impressed. 
Let’s Go Dawgs, stay focused and get better every week. 
one game at a time Dawgs. 
God Bless Coaches, Players, and Fans. 
The goal 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

                                  Nine 🏆

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All four of our quarterbacks looked good and all four of our running backs did as well. 

This team has a whole heck of a lot of talent, super deep.

Larry referenced multiple times last night the attempt to spread around the touches, especially between the running backs so everyone is involved.  Dowden is the obvious starter, but all three of the guys behind him are really good backs too.

Quarterback is a different deal, there they’re just protecting Cuff from injury, while getting some good playing time for Chambers, Surratt and Barber.

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7 minutes ago, JBizzle said:

I think my favorite part was after Edwards fumbled.  At least 6 kids met him as he came off the field to tell him it was alright and to lift him up.  And then Scott put him back out there and gave him the ball again.  Really liked to see that.

Yep, remember when Keaontay had some fumbles in 2016, and then after the China Spring thriller SS told the media he is our best player, and we trust him to rise up and he did.

Ingram took over in that CS game and won it after having some ball security issues.

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15 minutes ago, mikehoncho said:

Beck at LB.

Kelwin Edwards at RB

Surratt at QB

Is the Marion kid a Freshman or Sophomore?

Also, Carson Crawford at DB

Cade Ross at DE and TE, I believe

The last RB in the game is a freshman too, but he wasn't on the official roster.  His first name is Brennan, but I can't remember his last name off the top of my head.

Believe there were 8 on the roster plus the one that was off.  Sounded to me like Surratt said they got everyone in.

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