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AREA: Lindale (7-4) vs Brazosport (6-5)


Lindale vs. Brazosport   

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This was a GAME. i want to thank the guy who told me a few days ago how this game would go. he was spot on. they started well and we had 1 of our worst starts of the season, but as the game wore on we wore them down. This was a game we needed. Get behind and have to claw back and o push through for a win. At this stage in the playoffs, a win is a win, whether by 30 points or 1, you advance. Kudos to BP, they ain;t scared and really brought it in the first half. They flat took it to us and we shot ourselves in the foot. But these kids just kept coming, kept fighting and making plays. Defense played very well in 2nd half 

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11 hours ago, ATM007 said:

Appreciate the updates throughout the game!

Thank you.  I know how frustrating it is to not be there, not be able to listen.  Glad I was able to help you Lindale folks.  Next week I’ll be turned in to Ltown vs CHill.

Be pulling for the Eagles.  I had the Eagles winning by 24 but didn’t allow for three turnovers, lol.  Wish y’all had gifted my Pirates like that.

Go Eagles!  

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