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60s, 70s, and 80s memories


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On 9/14/2023 at 2:05 AM, RETIREDFAN1 said:

B. Dalton's......




First stop is Spencer’s to check out the posters. Second stop would be Alladin’s Castle to play Turbo (stand-up car racing game) then to Dalton’s to pick up a Louis L’Amour western paperback.

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September 24, 1921 – Jim McKay Born

Happy Birthday to Jim McKay who was born James McManus on this day in 1921 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. McKay grew up Philadelphia before moving with his family to Baltimore at the age of 14. A graduate of Loyola College in Maryland in 1943, McKay served in the United States Navy during World War II as the captain of a minesweeper.

After returning home from World War II, Jim McKay became a reporter for the Baltimore Sun before going into television in 1947 with television station WMAR-TV. It was there that he became the first voice broadcast on the television airwaves in Baltimore. In 1950, McKay joined CBS and changed his surname from McManus to McKay as he hosted the variety television program The Real McKay. However, he would transition into sports broadcasts as he covered the New York Giants for the locally broadcast games with Chris Schenkel from 1956 to 1957. He would also be assigned to host the Olympics broadcasts for CBS in 1960, but missed the Winter Olympics due to a mental breakdown. He would return for the 1960 Summer Olympics before moving on to ABC.

It would be with ABC that Jim McKay would become best known as he spent 37 years with the network as the host of ABC’s Wide World of Sports. The television program would prove to be a smash hit as it showed a variety of sports that would not otherwise be broadcast on television. McKay would also cover the American Football League for ABC during the 1960’s as a sportscaster before the league signed a lucrative television deal with NBC prior to the 1965 season.

As the anchor of ABC’s sports coverage, Jim McKay became one of the best-known faces among sportscasters especially during the Olympics. However, it would be at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich that McKay would become best known for. McKay spent 14 hours on the air uninterrupted as the events of the Munich massacre unfolded from the taking of Israeli athletes hostage by terrorists to the shootout at the airport in which all the remaining hostages died. It was in the aftermath that McKay would utter a statement at 3:24 AM German time that would sum up the horrific events:

“When I was a kid, my father used to say, ‘Our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized.’ Our worst fears have been realized tonight. They have now said there were 11 hostages; two were killed in their rooms yesterday morning, nine were killed at the airport tonight. They’re all gone.”

For his reporting at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Jim McKay took home Emmy Awards for sports and for news reporting. Despite the awards, McKay would later say that he was most honored by a telegram that he received from CBS anchor Walter Cronkite praising him for his work in covering the Munich massacre.

Through the remaining years of his career, Jim McKay continued to cover many of the premier sporting events in the world. When ABC had its coverage of the Olympics, McKay was the anchor for all the sports coverage. He would also anchor the coverage for the 1994 FIFA World Cup, the first held on American soil. In 2002, NBC received Jim McKay on loan from ABC and used him as a special correspondent for their coverage of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

For his work as a sportscaster, Jim McKay won several awards including 13 Emmy Awards; induction into the American Sportscasters Association Hall of Fame, the United States Olympic Hall of Fame, and the Television Hall of Fame. McKay also founded the Maryland Million Day, a day featuring 12 horse races designed to promote the horse breeding industry of Maryland that has been an annual event since 1986.

On June 7, 2008, Jim McKay died from natural causes at the age of 86. He was survived by his wife Margaret and their two children and three grandchildren. A horseracing enthusiast, McKay died the day of the 2008 Belmont Stakes that was won by Da’Tara.


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September 27, 1980: Diana Ross begins her fourth and final week at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Upside Down.” Here’s a look (click or tap on the picture below) at the Top 20 from this week 43 years ago back in 1980....I wish i had all these on a CD.....


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46 minutes ago, Crawford said:

Haven't used one of those since I was in the military in San Diego to go see a movie. Though I don't remember what movie.😂

Used to go to the drive in theaters in Nacogdoches and Redland back in the 60s and 70s .....

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9 hours ago, KirtFalcon said:

Used to go to the drive in theaters in Nacogdoches and Redland back in the 60s and 70s .....

I saw "Viva Knievel !" (1977) at the drive in in Nacogdoches when my brother was attending SFA and lived at the Star Apartments.  Longview had the Twin Pines and River Road Drive In.  The remains of the Cherokee Drive In was still standing in the 70's until it was torn down.  I loved the Indian on the front of it :  Cherokee Drive-In in Longview, TX - Cinema Treasures .  

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