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I went to a local Mexican restaurant today, and they had the Estados Unidos vs Gales playing.  In just 10 minutes I saw so much falling down over nothing, and then crying like they had lost a leg.  At least the waitresses are worth looking at more than that soccer rubbish. 

1 hour ago, RETIREDFAN1 said:

Ecuador 2, Qatar 0

England 6, Iran 2

Netherlands 2, Senegal 0

USA 1, Wales 1


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8 hours ago, RETIREDFAN1 said:

Saudi Arabia 2, Argentina 1......👀

Denmark 0, Tunisia 0 

Mexico 0, Poland 0 

France 4, Australia 1

The Argentina/Saudi Arabia score and the Mexico/Poland score were the most surprising to me. And is the French team really 3 goals better than the Australian team?

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I had to watch the Portugal vs. Uruguay game while I was eating Monday, and Rinaldo has to be the wimpiest player I have ever seen.  I saw him fall down once not even being touched and once fell down when he tried to steal the ball from the backside of a Uruguay player.  Yet he can jump all over players after a score.  He's worse than Bill Laimbeer was.  At least Laimbeer didn't fall down when he portrayed a sleestak on the original "Land of the Lost".  

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