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Timpson 41 Centerville 14 Final


Timpson vs. Centerville   

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On 11/22/2022 at 8:05 AM, GATA18 said:

Centerville is probably the best 2a football program to never win a state title. They are always making consistent 3-4 round runs. They are ALWAYS in the mix year in and year out. And if they do lose it sure aint gonna be by no 25-30.

"if they do lose it sure ain't gonna be by no 25-30."  So much for your football knowledge.  It was right were I said it would be, 25-30 (27).  And Centerville continues to be 2nd tier, right where they always are.

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On 11/23/2022 at 7:09 PM, CvilleTigers said:

Lol X2

Still doing the LOL?  As previously stated about C'ville...

That's a major stretch I think very few would agree with.  I never think of Centerville when I think of top 2a programs. And always in the mix?  Just making the playoffs and going several rounds doesn't mean "in the mix" for as a top tier program, it just means they've made it through the weaker programs in the early rounds.  They were put out of playoffs last year by Timpson by 35 points.  Every other year they've come up against a top tier team, they've been easily handled, see below.  Years not listed they were put out by an average team that subsequently was pounded by a true contender.  Maybe they will change it this year, but I have to see it to believe it.  I'll give them kudos if they do, but until then I'm not a believer.

2017 by San Augustine by 36.

2016 by Refugio by 24

2014 by Mason by 20

Now add 2022 Timpson by 27; 41-14 and probably could have added another TD.

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  • Crawford changed the title to Timpson 41 Centerville 14 Final

Congratulations Bears! I got to see this game tonight. The turnover that Centerville had on the first drive at the 4 yard line was killer. The Tigers were on a clock-chewing drive that quite frankly Timpson was not able to stop. Strip fumble! Timpson responded as I knew they would and took that 7 points from Centerville. Absolutely set the tone from then on out. It was basically all Timpson after that. So many weapons. Watching 10 run so smoothly is a thing of beauty. He makes it look so easy. And to see 6 shake those defenders off like rag dolls down on the 3 yard line after the reception….just WOW.

Centerville has a great team and HUGE kids. Congratulations to them on a heck of a season.

Good luck to the Bears next week! 

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3 minutes ago, WildBear said:

Not to bad for a sub par offensive and defensive line as some have suggested. Bears played a great game against a great team.

Go Bears 🐻 

Some folks just gonna yap to be yapping 😂.   The whole unit played very well tonight.  👍👍

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