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2022 Week 13 Pickem


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2 weeks left!


Remember, this thread is for picks only. Game discussions are for another thread.

As always, reply with only your picks. Do not just bold or underline your pick. I repeat, reply with only your picks, next to the number of that game, and do not forget to include your prediction of the tiebreaker game! Incomplete entries will not be graded.

All entries must be submitted by 6:00 PM, THURSDAY.


Mississippi State @ Ole Miss 

Tulane @ Cincinnati 

Baylor @ Texas 

Arizona State @ Arizona 

NC State @ North Carolina 

Michigan @ Ohio State 

South Carolina @ Clemson 

LSU @ Texas A&M 

Notre Dame @ USC 

Oklahoma @ Texas Tech 

*Tiebreaker:   Mich-OSU total score 

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 1.) Ole Miss
 2.) Cincinnati
 3.) UT-Austin
 4.) Arizona
 5.) North Carolina 
 6.) Ohio State
 7.) Clemson
 8.) Louisiana State
 9.) Southern California
10.) Texas Tech
*Tiebreaker: Mich-OSU total score = 50

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