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Carthage vs Pleasant Grove at Marshall Dec 2 7PM


Bulldogs vs. Hawks  

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37 minutes ago, CDAWG68 said:

Ticket Information: You can buy for Adult or Student tickets, for home or visitor side. Carthage is on the home side. I believe tickets will be sold at the gate also, I do not have that information yet.

Website: https://marshallisd.hometownticketing.com/embed/all?fbclid=IwAR2CaEhR-CoBT8gLRceBcs3lHnAnmYkSwjOP9n7SpEd60fNBZ6cIFOkcFrE


Purchased and ready! 

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1 hour ago, Buckeyebaseball21 said:

I cant even listen to our announcers lol....True Homers; Cuff looked definately fast enough and quick cutting as well. Was tough to bring down 

I liked that their "keys to victory" basically amounted to hitting some hail mary's.  Bux D came to play though.  Those guys played their butts off.

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PG has some good athletes.  But a lot of their best athletes play both ways.  They can get gassed.  

Biggest issue as I see it is PG can't throw the ball.  Or at least they couldn't against Gilmer.  If that hasn't changed, I don't see this being competitive.  PG defense is good, but I don't think it's Gilmer good.  And I think they will be gassed in the second half.  

But that's why they play the game.  We'll know Friday night.

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1 hour ago, bansheefan03 said:

I seen he came in some at d line but not every snap 40 and 44 play alot more both ways

Gibson knows all his best dudes will need to go “Full Tilt” and play both ways almost every snap to have a chance.  There is no tomorrow if they lose.  So #75, #40, #44, #15, #1, #2, #3, #5, etc. are all going both ways until they can’t.  They will give their “Heart & Soul” and make a game up of for a half, but Carthage depth will show about midway through Q3.  Then you will see Carthage run game kick in and run straight at PG for 8-10 yards per carry like the last drive vs Gilmer.

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1 hour ago, DAWG91 said:

#75 playing D line for PG is a big dude.

75 is an awesome kid on and off the field. This is only his 3rd year to play football. Never played until the 9th grade. He has a very big upside. He has a Baylor and Texas Tech offer.

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