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Region 3 Finals Harmony vs Newton Harmony 36 Newton 22 Final


Harmony vs Newton  

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6 hours ago, KrookedWolfe said:

Well Dfield lost last week 16-12 to Newton. Hope that helps ☝️. Don't let games you Win as underdog be your Super Bowl. Still work to be done ✔️.  Good Luck to the Eagles.. 

True dat!  I was at the game when NB beat DF in the 4th round in 2013 and then lost to Wall the next week.  

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38 minutes ago, BoyzNdaHood said:

All the folks who doubted harmony are now telling the few fans they have on here to chill out and relax... 🤣 

Had they loss, the same ones would be singing different tunes and yelling "I told you" ... congrats harmony go represent 

Respect has definitely been gained. 

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On 12/3/2022 at 7:45 AM, BlackBeard said:

True dat!  I was at the game when NB beat DF in the 4th round in 2013 and then lost to Wall the next week.  

Exactly New Boston 2013, Pewitt back in 2019 .Waskom in 2020 & 2021. Newton this year 2022 😆 Instead of realizing if the beat them they can beat anyone. They just beat them and are satisfied with that win lol. Close the show !!! I really hope they do  🏆 

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Harmony did exactly what they’ve been doing throughout the playoffs. They had a little surprise, getting their #1 RB back this week after being out since the DF game. He  was a little hesitant early on but he and the oline we’re getting big chunks of yards in the 4th quarter. 

Harmony dictated this game and was the better team. This was no lucky or fluky win. Newton is very athletic and and once in the open uncatchable. They had a bad snap on their 2nd drive that killed that drive and a holding call on their 3rd that killed that one. Their offense either didn't execute the game plan or their offense is pretty vanilla. To be honest it looked like they didn’t expect any fight from Harmony after their first play score. #5 Woods was as advertised as a Qb but he was attacked in the passing game on defense. Harmony completed 2-3 deep balls on free play offside penalties and targeted him in the quick screen game. #6 is a stud and gave Harmony fits in the run game. He should’ve had a bigger role in this game for Newton. 

Harmony on defense did just enough. They got a huge turnover on downs in the 3rd in the redzone when they led 29-22 and then an INT in the end zone after taking a 14 point lead and 2 more turnovers after that. 

The Harmony offense was incredible they had one 3&out and committed zero turnovers. From the first drive they got big yardage on first down all night, I bet they averaged 5-6 yards on first down. They used the pass very well early on with quick screens and quick slants. #8 won more 1-1 balls than he lost and housed a bubble screen from 34 yards out. #4 and #3 were really good blocking, and tough running after the catch. The oline was good early and great late. 

Boston Seahorn was as advertised by the few Harmony fans on here said. Tough, smart, quick, and accurate. Only a Junior as are the majority of his teammates. 

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50 minutes ago, JustAFan11 said:

Coach Whitaker was my first coach at Harmony. I’m sure he’s loving watching these kids be so successful. I think he has a grandson on the team maybe 2. 

#58 the starting center is his Grandson. Coach Whitaker played at SFA back in the day. So it kinda comes full circle.

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