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Canadian vs Wall for Reg 1


Canadian vs. Wall  

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Looking forward to this matchup. Canadian comes in firing on all cylinders, and Wall’s defense is not allowing many points. Wall will most likely be the best defense we have seen so far, and they haven’t played anyone with an offense like ours. 

The last Flexbone team Canadian played was in the first round, and Canadian held them to 50 yards of offense before we pulled starters. Won 70-6.

only common opponent is early. Wall won 10-7, Canadian won 42-14. 

what are y’all’s thoughts? 


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21 minutes ago, GTAlumnus said:

Not all flexbones are created equal nor have the same personnel.   Having said that Canadian wins by 21.

 Agreed. Wall has mastered it, and has much bigger lineman than Roosevelt. 

This is going to be a clash of different philosophies.

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3 hours ago, BlackBeard said:

Anyone know how many offensive yds Wall totaled?

190 rushing, 40 passing. That came on 2 drives though. Their first drive on game, and first drive of second half when we started subbing.

Canadian never punted, and scored every possession but the last (we ran out the clock).

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