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4A Division 1 Semifinals: Chapel Hill vs Boerne


Chapel Hill vs. Boerne   

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1 minute ago, HJR7 said:

Chapel Hill looks very sluggish. Probably should have left Thursday instead of this morning. 

Maybe so.   There will be all kinds of would’ve, could’ve after this one, since isn’t was such a lop sided drive, but when you can’t agree and go to a coin flip you take that chance.


That Boerne O-Line is exactly as I expected.  THE best O-Line they faced all year.  Exceptional unit.

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Does C-Hill have another qb coming up? I would put the current qb at reciever and go with someone else at qb.































































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9 minutes ago, dfwfootballfan said:

look at the body language....CH is done...so much for the strength of schedule discussion that dominated the first couple of pages of the thread.

Strength of schedule just makes for conversation leading up to a contest.  It’s across all levels of football and always will be.  At the end of the day what matters is what happens between the whistles. Today Boerne and in particular Boerne’s o-line earned it.  

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