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Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Florida)


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3 hours ago, KirtFalcon said:

I don't put a lot of stock in what he says all the time, he's all over the place ... I care about what he has done that's positive for America 🇺🇸  ... and that’s a lot .... he accomplished more good  👍🏻  things for America  🇺🇸  than any President in my lifetime .... unlike stumbling and bumbling Pedo Plugs 🔌  ..... who has destroyed our encomy and has opened the border to drug dealers, terrorists,  human smugglers and illegal aliens 👽  ....  how can you support that :poop: Larry? ....



Can someone please hide the emojis from Kirt. It’s like an old fool learning a new technology for the first time and tries to be cool. 


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5 hours ago, Youngcoach123 said:

I’m afraid this style of trump will backfire on him this go around. 

It already is.  I believe the Dems would do anything (again) to ensure he doesn’t win.  Anything…


im just about to the point where I’m ready for Trump to fade away.  If he could just shut his arrogant mouth he’d be fine, but there’s lots of folks feeling like I do now.  I’m DeSantis or bust just about

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"Lol ....."

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45 minutes ago, PepeSilvia said:

Can someone please hide the emojis from Kirt. It’s like an old fool learning a new technology for the first time and tries to be cool. 


I'll emoji 🤪  you to death Screamin 😱 buzzard ...



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yo mama
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Only a matter of time before the wrestling match on who is really FloridaMan! 
National Review

DeSantis Takes Massive Lead over Trump in 2024 Florida GOP Primary Poll

Caroline Downey

Governor Ron DeSantis leads former president Trump by 45 percentage points in a new poll of 2024 Florida Republican primary voters conducted in the wake of DeSantis’s landslide reelection.

Should DeSantis join Trump in announcing a 2024 bid, 66 percent of GOP voters in the Sunshine state would favor their governor, compared to 21 percent who remain loyal to the former president, according to a recent poll conducted by Sachs Media and presented in a newsletter produced by Florida Politics.

When asked who they trust more to be a good role model for young people, respondents chose DeSantis over Trump 89 percent to 4 percent. A significant 81 percent of participants said they have more faith in DeSantis to have a “moral foundation for choices.

Over three quarters of respondents, 76 percent, believe DeSantis is more capable than Trump of uniting voters around a common cause. On diplomatic affairs, 68 percent of surveyed residents say DeSantis is more likely to be respected by other world leaders compared to 26 percent for Trump.

The poll was conducted on November 11, just three days after Election Day, using a random sample of a “minimum of 600 respondents” representing a spectrum of demographics including race, gender, age, political affiliation, and region. It has a margin of error of +/- 4 percent.

In another November 11 survey, Florida voters were asked to explain why Florida Republicans outperformed GOP candidates nationally. The vast majority of Republican and politically unaffiliated respondents answered that “Republican candidates have shown voters their leadership, not just promises.” A much smaller percentage of these two groups said that Democrats’ lack of organization was responsible for their opponents’ shortfall in Florida.

In the midterms, DeSantis and many other Florida GOP candidates achieved sweeping victories despite the party’s national struggles. DeSantis’s sweeping victory, and those of down ballot Florida Republicans, stand in sharp contrast to the performance of Trump’s hand-picked Senate candidates and the MAGA House and gubernatorial candidates he endorsed in the primaries.

Trump announced his third presidential run earlier this week, forecasting a tumultuous road for the GOP leading up to the 2024 nomination. The failed 2020 candidate has been targeting his potential 2024 rivals, including DeSantis and Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin. At a rally before the midterms for Pennsylvania senate candidate Dr. Oz, who lost his race, Trump boasted that he was polling way above “Ron DeSanctimonious” for 2024. Trump later threatened to release unflattering information about DeSantis if the governor dared to challenge him for president.

Asked this week about the attacks leveled against him by Trump, DeSantis urged political observers to “go check out the scoreboard from last Tuesday night.”

“All that’s just noise,” DeSantis said of Trump’s criticism and the 2024 speculation. “Really what matters is: ‘Are you leading? Are you getting in front of issues? Are you delivering results for people? And are you standing up for folks?’ If you do that, then none of that stuff matters.”

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Ron DeSantis-backed Florida school board members boot liberal superintendents
New York Post ^ | 11/30/2022 | Selim Algar

Florida’s red wave is already wiping out school superintendents across the Sunshine State.

Backed by Gov. Ron DeSantis and conservative activist groups, right-leaning candidates have gained control of many major district school boards and are purging prior leadership.

“Parents woke up in the last few years,” a newly elected school board member backed by the conservative Moms for Liberty advocacy group told The Post. “They were exposed to the garbage that has gone on behind closed doors for so many years. That’s finished.”

A trio of superintendents have been shown the campus door in GOP-leaning districts in November alone — and others are now facing calls to resign.

“Anyone surprised by this hasn’t been paying attention,” the school board member said. “COVID policies, porn in school libraries, nonstop ideology, on and on and on. Parents being ignored and insulted. We’ve had it.”

A group of DeSantis-backed school board members booted Broward County Superintendent Vickie Cartwright earlier this month.

The Brevard Country School Board relieved Superintendent Mark Mullins of his post on November 21, asserting district classrooms had devolved into disorder and chaos.

The move even enjoyed the support of the local teachers union, whose members said students no longer feared disciplinary consequences for disruptive or even violent behavior.

Mullins’ exit also prompted Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey to announce an unspecified crackdown on misbehavior in schools earlier this week.

Sarasota County Superintendent Brennan Asplen also appeared to be on his way out of a gig after a bruising and often bitter Tuesday night meeting that featured more than 50 speakers.

Critics, including members of the newly GOP-controlled board, questioned lagging academic metrics in district schools and prior student masking mandates under Asplen’s watch.

But Asplen had plenty of backers at the meeting who opposed his ouster,

(Excerpt) Read more at nypost.com ...

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1 hour ago, BarryLaverty said:

They are getting rid of sups because they enforced safety measures during Covid, and they are targeting anyone who might be friendly to diversity measures. Florida is a hellhole of a state. 

I don't know if the state is a Devilhole, but I know that the humidity there makes it feel hot as .....image.jpeg

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33 minutes ago, DannyZuco said:

To be honest, DeSantis is not the best shot. The GOP has not got much of a chance unless they learn to get to "vote out", like the democrats do......

To be honest, the RNC did not back Herschel Walker.  They lightly campaigned for him and he barely lost.  Until the RNC gets the Rino’s daughter out of leadership, they will continue to do so.  Until the GOP leadership like McConnell grows a pair or gets voted out, we might as well get ready for more inflation and immorality in our country.

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