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Ore City's Ron Burnham head to be full-time AD at Community High...


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On 1/25/2023 at 5:26 PM, Braves Cowboy said:

I can say that the athletics community and parents are unhappy with this choice. They are basing this off of Burnham's umimpressive record as AD/Head Football Coach at Ore City.  The job at Community is for AD only and I'm sure coaching and records were considered, however it is an administration role. This is where the truly frightening facts are present.  The fact that Coach Burnham did not, in fact, even meet the qualifications for the AD position posted by Community itself. He has approximately 3 years of head coaching experiences, no post-graduate degree in Athletics administrations or a record of revitalizing the athletics community of Ore City.  He also seemingly has no experiencing with a growing district and navigating bonds issues and community engagement.  

The information exists that Burnham was among 10 original candidates that met with the HR hiring committee for the position. The committee consisted of teachers, coaches and other CISD members. After the initial interview process, there were presumably to be 2 candidates presented to the superintendent for a final interview.  It is reported that Burnham did not pass the initial interview round with the HR hiring committee.  He was afterwards recommended, along with 2 other highly qualified candidates as favorable options.  Then the final decision was made to choose Burhnam, present him to the school board Monday evening for approval in open session, after presumably discussion that occurred earlier in the evening during closed session.  (The CISD school board agenda is available online.)

It is easy to see the connections from CISD superintendent's, Dr. Tonya Knowlton, past work experiences and former districts appearing in current CISD leadership and hiring, with a leadership team comprised from past districts of Lexington ISD and previously in the east Texas districts of Harleton and the Ore City area.  It's difficult to surmise what is creating appropriate leadership with appropriate, qualified colleagues... and then pushing through unqualified candidates that do not match a district's and community's need and value of growth, character and accountability. 


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