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Old school rasslin memories


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Bye-Bye Great Muta, thank you.

The Great Muta retired last night after a victorious final match. 

Keiji Muto (Great Muta 👹) has been wrestling for 39 years. He will no longer be wrestling under The Great Muta gimmick.

Muta teamed up with Darby Allin and Sting to take on Akira, Hakushi, Naomichi Marufuji in a six-man tag team match at the NOAH Bye Bye Great Muta Final event. 

Muta sprayed mist in the eyes of Hakushi, who was then scorpion death dropped by Sting, followed by a coffin drop from Darby. Muta then covered Hukushi to get the pinfall victory. 


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Just another connection with my namesake :  

 I grew up when Leroy McGuirk also a birthday brother ran the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance.  I grew up with Grizzly Smith (Jake the Snake's father), Dr. X, Killer Karl Kox, "Dirty" Dick Murdoch, "Bruiser" Bob Sweetan the Brass Knuckles Champion, Hippy Boyette, Silento Rodriguez, Porkchop Cash, The Spoilers I, II, and even III, Harley Race, Cowboy Bill Watts, Col. Christopher "Buck" Robley the 3rd when they called him yellow, and before he became Yellow Belly Buck Robley.  


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Jerry Lawler will wrestle tonight his first match in 2023. 53 consecutive years wrestling at least 1 match!
If he keeps doing it, he'll be in the super rare club of having wrestled in 7 different decades. You kinda have to start very young and at the end of a decade, like Flair missed it by debuting in 72 instead of ‘69. Like if Rey Mysterio wrestles off and on until he’s like 66, he can make the list.
List got names like:
Lou Thesz (1930s to 1990s);
Cavernario Galindo (1930s to 1990s);
Fabulous Moolah (1940s to 2000s);
Mae Young (1940s to 1970s, 1990s to 2010s);
Domenic DeNucci (1950s to 2010s);
Gypsy Joe (1950s to 2010s);
Johnny Saint (1950s to 2010s);
Adrian Street (1950s to 2010s);
Great Kojika (1960s to 2020s);
Dory Funk Jr. (1960s to 2020s);
Jimmy Valiant (1960s to 2020s).
Those are the most durable and resilient wrestlers of all time.

#KingMDM of The Pro Wrestling World

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